Who Are We? The Zammex Origin Story

Zammex Nutrition was founded on the vision of “Health Made Simple”. As a subsidiary of a raw material supply company, the creators of Zammex saw an opportunity to realize this vision. For years, they supplied sports nutrition and health/wellness brands with high-quality raw materials only to see them adulterate them with artificial flavors and sweeteners, synthetic ingredients and more. Why? Why take something that has such wonderful health benefits, is already perfectly consumable and pollute it. The owners also wanted to make pricing simple. Many companies shoot for fancy packaging and complicated formulas and use that as an excuse to price their products very high. The owners wanted anyone seeking dietary supplements to improve their health and well-being to be able to afford them. When Zammex says “Health Made Simple” it includes the health of your wallet!

The second pillar that supports the foundation of Zammex is “Purity Realized”. Pure, high quality ingredients and nothing else. The earth, on its own, supplies mankind with everything one needs to achieve their optimal level of health and wellness. Whether it be sourced from plants or naturally-raised and fed animals, all Zammex’s products are sourced from the earth’s goodness. The origin of every single product starts from nature and requires nothing else to provide the clinically proven support you are seeking.

With a vision and the properly sourced ingredients to champion that vision, the Zammex team went to ground in building the initial product range. The team made certain that our products were the best. Our raw materials were of the finest quality, our proprietary hydrolysis and granulation ensures we have a highly bioavailable, easily dissolvable product, but what are we? Yes, we have great products with clinically proven results, but what are we as a brand? Equally important, who are the people who benefit from the use of our products? Two of the most important questions for any health, vitamin, sports nutrition supplement brand ever created. The second question is worthy of a full story and you can find it on our website here (To insert link to other blog) – to answer it now we’ll just say anybody, and everyone can benefit. Let’s discuss the first question.

Zammex Nutrition believes in functional ingredients that have a holistic impact on one’s health and wellness. This means we’re not just providing you a dozen different products that have a singular benefit. You don’t have enough room in your cabinet for all of those containers. What’s your goal - lose weight, help build lean muscle, reduce inflammation, promote immune health, fortify cognitive function, preserve your digestive system, enhance beauty or more. We’re providing you with products that do it all. It’s about functional health and wellness. Your ability to optimize your overall health from the inside out allows you to function at the highest level. That’s the true mission of Zammex. You may decide to start taking collagen peptides with a goal of reversing the impact of aging on skin, but you won’t turn down all the benefits mentioned above on top of that. Whether you’re in the gym, dieting, at work or out on the town our products support your every move. That’s who Zammex Nutrition is – we want to support you in being the very best in all facets of your life.

In a world that is constantly changing, our promise to our customers will never change. We will always uphold our promise of Purity Realized and Health Made Simple. We will continue to bring our customers the very best mother nature has to offer. Hearing our customer’s success stories will always, always drive us to innovate and deliver you the best.