MCT Oil Powder
MCT Oil Powder
MCT Oil Powder
MCT Oil Powder
MCT Oil Powder
MCT Oil Powder

MCT Oil Powder


Vegan Friendly Medium Chain Triglycerides, Naturally Occuring Fatty Acid, Boosts Metabolism, Improves Mood, Supports Immune System, Promotes Weight Loss - Instant Energy - 16oz (45 Servings)

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MCT supplement facts

What is MCT Oil?

ZAMMEX™ Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are derived by esterifying glycerol with mixtures of Caprylic (C:8) and Capric (C:10) and Lauric (C:12) fatty acids which are fractionated from palm kernel oil. They are specially processed to achieve superior oxidative stability and low color and then are further refined to remove residual fatty acids, resulting in a product with essentially no odor or flavor. The unique metabolic and functional properties of ZAMMEX MCTs, a consequence of their chemical structure, make them your ultimate energy boosting solution.

How to use?

ZAMMEX™ MCT Oil Powder is flavor and odor free and can be easily absorbed into hot or cold liquids. Just add one scoop to your water, coffee, tea, juice, yogurt, or smoothie. Create it your own way!

Storage Information:

Don’t use if the seal is broken or missing. Make sure the cap is tightly sealed. Store away from heat and humidity. Keep out of reach of Children.
MCT oil powder
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Phillip K.
United States United States
Great Product

I use this daily in my coffee, and have been for several months. Actually, I use this and the Zammex Bone Broth Protein. I use a cheap frother I bought on Amazon to mix it. It does not mix well with just a spoon, but with just a $5 frother, it mixes up very nicely. Coffee is creamy and delicious and keeps me going through the day.

Plain coffee, no. Blended, yes.

I cant believe how few people have mentioned this -- this stuff DOES NOT mix into my coffee well at all. Maybe it would be different if I blended it, but I dont want to pull out the blender just for a cup of coffee before work! Theres absolutely no taste, so if you want to add it to a shake or basically anything blended it will probably be amazing. If you want to add a scoop to coffee, as its advertised that you can, it sucks. Hence the 2 stars -- the product is ok, but I don't appreciate advertisement for something that it doesn't actually work for (especially since I dont make blended anything).

Easy to use

This made my coffee nice & creamy, tasted good. But I wasn't crazy about the fact this has corn starch in it.

First time trying this product

I have had other MCT Powders and felt I need to provide my opinion. The powder taste is light but it did not disolve as well as expected. The scope offers a good proportion but there is no protein included. Not bad for the price and the amount you receive.

Edward J. Durkin
Tastes Really Good

This MCT tastes good but does not disolve easily. I always use my frothie device and that helps a lot. In general good MCT for the price.