How Mamagen is Supporting me Postpartum

Like most pregnant women I believed that I would be back to my normal self after delivering my first baby in no time. After all, I was active throughout my pregnancy and was in good physical shape before getting pregnant. And just like most women, I found out I was very, very wrong….


What is Postpartum Hair Loss?

Postpartum hair loss, also called postpartum alopecia, is a very common temporary, but sudden loss of hair after giving birth. Every new mom experiences different levels of hair shedding, some lose a few strands others lose big clumps at a time. Regardless, postpartum hair loss can have psychological effects on a women’s mood and negatively affect her self-esteem.

A normal hair cycle usually lasts 3-5 years before it is replaced. A hair cycle has three phases:

1. Anagen – growth phase

2. Catagen – a short transitional phase that lasts approximately 10 days

3. Telogen – resting phase when hair eventually falls out



All-Natural Multi Collagen Powdered With Vitamin C, Folic Acid, DHA, Elderberry and Iron


Mamagen was formulated to address these specific needs of women in the phases of motherhood –

1. A pure source of protein to help promote lean body mass and provide energy

2. Combat the affects on hair, skin and nails

·Reverse the effects of postpartum hair loss

·Reinforce brittle nails

·Tighten stretch marks and promote healthy skin

3.Help with joint aches and pain

4.Fortify gut & digestive health


Shonda Wagner

Shonda Wagner is fitness, food and lifestyle role model and mom of 2. Shonda has been an avid Zammex Nutrition user for a long time. Among the Zammex products Shonda uses – Mamagen. Here’s her story!


Real Women. Real Results.

Heather Cooper

absolutely love that this comes in tablet form, instead of powder! It makes it so much easier for me to take with no bitter aftertaste or mess! I also love that it’s for all stages of motherhood so I can enjoy the benefits during postpartum. It has elderberry in it which is amazing to take during cold seasons, so I like that it already has that added in. So far I can tell a difference with my energy (good bye afternoon slump) and also taking it for my hair since I’ve experienced hair loss and I know collagen helps with that! I will be purchasing again


Alexandra Martignette

These are the best vitamins for women! I take them even though I am not pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are amazing for your hair, skin, and nails!! I also love that these have iron bc I am anemic so its great to have all the benefits from collagen support, immune system booster all in one capsule. Its also great to be supporting a brand that manufactures in the US that is certified by GMP, is GMO Free, gluten free, and 3rd party tested. THANK YOU Zammex for another awesome product! ( the collagen powder is great too!!)


Olga Urbanovich

I’ve known for awhile now that I need to start taking a collagen supplement, but wanted to pick the right one for my body. Not all collagen products are made the same. 


Bee Ortega

Hi All, I started using Mamagen a couple weeks ago. I love using collagen products, and I was so happy to see in addition to the collagen the other minerals/vitamins that are beneficial for me. My hair and nails grew have really started to grow stronger and my skin is really showing a difference. This is a great product that I would recommend to any woman.


Julia Mindar

Totally in love with convenience of capsules! I always had troubles with powdered collagen and never had time to take it. No aftertaste, easy to take. Love that it has other minerals and vitamins so I don’t have to take anything extra! Literally has all the essentials to support a woman’s health. Will continue to use to help my joints and skin.


Ellery Lee

I am very happy with the results of Mamagen so far. I don’t mind taking the 5 capsules throughout the day. I like the fact that it has the extra vitamins and minerals for women no matter what stage of your life you are in. This is a great product.


Natalia Cepeda

I have been experiencing hair loss after giving birth, and my nails have gotten weaker and my skin has been losing elasticity. I first started taking powder collagen but I hated the aftertaste. Good thing I tried Zammex nutrition collagen complex which comes in pills. It is so convenient! No need to deal with powder anymore.
Also, it is not just a collagen but also contains Vit C, iron, DHA, elderberry which makes Mamagen perfect for any phase from preconception to postpartum.
After several weeks I already see the positive results. I will continue taking it!


Veronika Losyuk

Love this product. It specifically formulated for pregnancy and postpartum. Work great for me. I recommend :)


Christine May

Christine May is a certified health and wellness professional, who runs a successful body transformation business. Zammex Nutrition is honored to have Christine as an active promoter and user of our products. Here’s Christine’s story!

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