Is Marine Collagen a Better Option for Me?

Is Marine Collagen a Better Option for Me?

If you’re searching for a collagen powder supplement you’re most-likely going to come across standard bovine collagen powder. Put simply bovine is cattle and can include buffalo and bison. However, cattle isn’t the only source of collagen on the market – enter Marine Collagen – sourced from wild-caught tilapia.

We believe it’s very important to establish something – there isn’t a “better” option when it comes to collagen supplementation. If you’re going to try and compare Bovine vs. Marine you’re really splitting hairs. People will claim that Marine Collagen is more “bioavailable” or in normal people terms more efficiently absorbed in the system. That isn’t true – ultimately it comes to the fact the product is hydrolyzed. At Zammex our proprietary hydrolysis and granulation processes ensure ALL of our products are extremely “bioavailable”. Bottom line – your body won’t absorb one better than the other.

The main reason people will opt for Marine Collagen is strictly dietary preference. Some people are sensitive to beef proteins and prefer fish, others are the opposite. The second reason is efficacy. Each individual body responds to things differently and for someone seeking to improve their overall health and wellness it’s imperative that you understand your body. This doesn’t just mean supplementation, it means diet as well. Your body’s optimal nutritional intake is different than everyone else on the planet, which is why your health and wellness journey is unique to you. It’s taking information from various sources and making it you specific.


With that said, you’re now ready to start supplementing Zammex’s Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides. Here are some benefits you can expect to realize in a short period of time while supplementing –

1.) Reduced Inflammation & Joint Pain

– Like Bovine, Marine Collagen is a Type I Collagen which is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and help with joint pain.

2.) Build Bone Strength & Lean Muscle

– Zammex Nutrition’s focus is the improvement of well-being, which starts at a functional level. Marine Collagen can help enhance the absorption of calcium to solidify bones and also help build lean muscle. The fortification of your musculoskeletal system is going to be the foundation for your exercise regimen.

3.) Antibacterial Properties

– In our writing we speak quite often about the importance of your overall immune and gut health. It’s really one of the most important things when it comes to physical activity and just general overall well-being. Marine Collagen contains collegencin, a peptide derived from collagen, which has been found fight off infection and disease-causing bacteria.

4.) Improves Skin, Hair & Nails

– With all of its functional benefits, it also has some aesthetic benefits as well. The improvement of youthful skin/elasticity, strengthening of nails and also hair growth are the most well-known benefits of collagen and it’s no different here! As an added benefit, because collagen is THE building block for skin tissue it does help heal wounds and scar healing as well.

5.) Brain Health

– We discussed in our previous blog that collagen, including marine, has a positive impact on the brain with Alzheimer’s fighting components. Marine Collagen also promotes sleep via the amino acid Glycine.


Collagen is a wonderful supplement to add to anyone’s dietary plans. There are applications across the board for collagen that include functionality, internal organ health and optimization, and vanity. All of Zammex’s products are pure, naturally-sourced and contain no artificial flavors or other ingredients. Our motto is “Purity Realized” and our mission is “Health Made Simple”. It’s easy to see on every label of our products including our wonderful Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides.

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