Postpartum Symptoms That Collagen Supplements May Help

Pregnancy, delivery and postpartum is one of the craziest journeys a woman’s body can possibly endure. Not only does mom go through physical changes, but there are many emotional changes as well. Unfortunately, some women experience issues that require medical attention, but most women are going through several symptoms that for lack of a better description just make things more annoying. Outside of some of the major issues many women experience changes brought on by the rigors of being a mom and the hormonal changes associated with it. These changes include postpartum hair loss, stretch marks, brittle nails, joint aches, constipation, trouble regaining pre-pregnancy shape and emotional fluctuations. While these symptoms seem trivial compared to larger issues, they can take a toll on mom when she’s dealing with the stresses of a newborn.

Zammex Nutrition needs to be clear of a few points before moving forward. First, when we say “stresses” of a newborn we mean little things like lack of sleep, the emotional and physiological changes of the body and other minor things that result with having a little one who needs mom and dad around the clock. Having a baby is the greatest gift one couple possibly receive. It is truly a miracle and everything we discussed is part of that wonderful journey.

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In Zammex’ mission statement, we discuss rewriting that journey of aging and making it a smoother more beautiful one. However, it’s very important that we’re clear that the journey of having a child is beautiful regardless of the minor issues. Our goal, as you can probably guess, is to help you lessen or eliminate those minor issues. The second point that we need to stress is that whenever considering a dietary supplement it’s always important to discuss with your physician. This goes for anything from vitamins/minerals to protein supplements etc. Although all Zammex products are pure, naturally sourced and contain NO artificial or genetically modified ingredients. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone reacts differently to different things so please make sure you are equipped with the most knowledge possible before supplementing anything.

Back to mom. Zammex Nutrition built Mamagen for a couple reasons:
1) We really wanted to design a product that specifically helped women in the phases of motherhood get through their journey with greater ease.
2) We received a lot of feedback that our regular Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides were helping postpartum moms combat some of the symptoms we discussed above. It was truly wonderful to hear the feedback.

One of the most common symptoms women experience after birth while breastfeeding is postpartum hair loss. Everyday a mom could see her hair thin and hair fall out when brushing or showering. No moms went bald but given everything going on it’s frustrating and unnerving to see your hair in that state. Enter Collagen. One of the most common benefits of supplementing collagen is that it promotes hair growth. It also helps fortify hair strength and appearance. This will help mom regrow and strengthen hair and help avoid a panic attack every time you shower or comb your hair.

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Some of the feedback we receive from moms is the biggest struggle is dealing with stretch marks and struggling to regain their old figure. Let’s be clear about something – your body went through A LOT. Mom can’t expect to just jump right back into a workout routine and feel loads of energy. This is process that will take time. However, where collagen is meant to support this process is in a few places.
1) Collagen is proven to help joint and tendon pain. Mom, you’re going to have aches and pains especially back pain. The goal with collagen supplements is to help ease that pain and accelerate the recovery so you CAN get back into a fitness routine. Collagen as a pure source of protein will also help your body transform, provide energy and uplift your spirits (of course when working out).
2) The second piece of this is stretch marks. Collagen is the building block of your skin. Some feedback we’ve heard from moms is that collagen helps repair and restore skin including those annoying stretch marks! Again, what Mamagen is trying to do is really support mom through this journey and help combat some of these minor (but annoying) symptoms of postpartum.

Lastly, there are some other benefits to collagen supplements that are less documented but may help you mom. These include digestive health, sleep support, and brittle nails. Digestive health becomes very important because when you’re optimizing your nutrient uptake your baby is benefiting from that as well. The fact that collagen has shown to help leaky gut and restore intestinal lining is an added perk that will help mom tremendously. One other benefit that needs to be mentioned is that collagen is rich in a protein called glycine. Glycine has been linked to sleep improvements. Let’s face it, sleep is precious during this stage so whatever mom can get counts!

Zammex Nutrition knows that mom is a hero. The sacrifices that she makes for her baby is one of the most awesome feats in the world and it happens every single day. Mamagen is specifically designed to help mom. Not only does mom get the benefits of collagen, but also other vitamins and minerals that are added to help baby and support mom’s immunity. This product is for mom and we truly hope that it helps make her journey through the phases of motherhood more beautiful.

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