How to Choose a Bone Broth Supplement?

1. Purity Realized

If you look at the label of Zammex’ Bone Broth Protein under the word ingredients you will see one thing and one thing only. When you’re choosing your Bone Broth you should avoid any Bone Broth Protein powder that has “other” ingredients. The product when sourced naturally and purified properly should be totally consumable without much odor or taste. Furthermore, it should dissolve effectively in most beverages, smoothies and other foods. You don’t need the “other” stuff.

2. Avoid the Flavors

Piggy-backing off the above, we strongly encourage you to avoid purchasing a Bone Broth Protein with flavoring or sweeteners. You should be able to consume the product in something you drink already or in easy smoothie recipes. We’d hate to see you ruin such a pure wonderful supplement with artificial flavors or something like stevia. Keep it clean!

3. Hydrolyzed is Key

If you cut corners and do not purchase of product that is hydrolyzed you might as well just throw half of your money into the toilet because you’re only going to effectively absorb half of what you consume. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact is having a hydrolyzed product is very important because of the optimal absorption and bioavailability.

3. Third Party Certified

The final prerequisite to choosing the right Bone Broth Protein is to make sure the product is Third Party Certified. Of course, Zammex Nutrition is – otherwise we wouldn’t make this so important! Since the FDA wants to keep their hands clean be sure to look for UL, NSF, USP or another credible testing service on your product. The world of dietary supplements is a dangerous place and there are a lot of imposters out there with poor quality products.

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