There are three main factors you must consider when choosing a Collagen supplement. The more knowledge you have about Collagen, the more informed decision you will make when purchasing. This will start your journey using this wonderful dietary supplement off on the right foot leading to the benefits you seek!


1. “Hydrolyzed” Collagen

Without question you want to choose a Collagen that has the fewest ingredients as possible. Purity Realized is one of Zammex’s founding principles and should be in the forefront of your mind when picking a product. Ensuring your Collagen is hydrolyzed will optimize its bioavailability (absorption and usage) so you are maximizing every scoop you ingest.

2. Avoid the Flavors

If you’ve ever supplemented protein powders you’ve seen some flavors beyond your wildest dreams – The sports nutrition companies are quite creative! They are also quite good at loading those products up with artificial flavors, sweeteners and other nonsense that does nothing but run riot on your digestive system. For Collagen, Health Made Simple, no sweeteners, no artificial flavors or colors. Stay pure and mix it with something that brings foods natural flavor to your palate.

3. Third Party Certified.

The final prerequisite for a Collagen supplement is make sure it is Third Party Tested. The FDA doesn’t really have a handle on regulation, thus it’s important to look for UL, NSF or USP Certifications from these manufacturers. There are a lot of imitators out there without the proper certifications and they should be avoided. ZAMMEX makes an unflavored collagen peptides product the UL has certified.


The good news is you need not look any further than Zammex to meet the above buying criteria. Have a look at our products and enjoy!

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