Things to Know Before Supplementing Bone Broth Protein

The goal of the Ultimate Guide to Bone Broth Protein is to provide consumers with the information they need to make an informed choice on using it as a dietary supplement. By now, you may be in a good place and just want to get to the nitty gritty of the Benefits of Bone Broth – if that’s the case – scroll down. However, to provide you with as much knowledge as possible there are some Things to Know Before Supplementing Bone Broth Protein –

1. Bone Broth Comes in Multiple Forms:

As we discussed, Bone Broth Protein powder is our specialty, but it does come in other forms besides powders. The powder form is simply isolated pure Bone Broth put through a dehydration process and converted into a powder. Bone Broth also comes in a gelatin form which is referred to as “living” bone broth. It’s the closest thing to making it yourself at home and blending it into a paste – it’s like using a bouillon cube. The last form of Bone Broth liquid is the Bone Broth OG. Before Bone Broth was powder or concentrate it was the “soup” – this was how our ancestors did it 2,500 years ago. Ultimately, it all comes down to how you want to supplement it – the powder is the best and most convenient for adding to liquids, smoothies and some foods whereas if you’re simply interested in using it more for a cooking application or boiling it down and drinking it straight – the latter two are a better option.

2. Purity is Everything:

Not all Bone Broth Supplements are created equal. By now you know that its sourced from bovine – cows, cattle, bison etc. When you’re taking any dietary supplement sourced from nature you want to ensure it is 100% pure from nature. Most of the bone broth on the market is sourced from animals on factory farms. On the label it should say grass-fed, pasture raised to ensure the source is unadulterated and free or hormones and antibiotics. Secondly, if Bone Broth is processed properly it’ll have little scent or taste despite the fact it comes from hides, bones and ligaments. A pure Bone Broth supplement has very little smell and doesn’t have anything else in the ingredient list.

3. Bone Broth has Brilliant Health Benefits:

Bone Broth is nutrient rich. It contains collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, glycine, glutamine, proline and hyaluronic acid. It’s been known to support weight loss, suppress your appetite, reduce joint pain and inflammation, rejuvenate skin, support your metabolism, promote gut health and calm your nerves. It’s a pure ingredient sourced from nature that offers all those health benefits – you can’t beat that!

4. Backed by Science:

In the section “What are Bone Broth Supplements” we had to mention that the FDA does not support the health claims of Bone Broth. The fact is that is standard for many dietary supplements these days because the FDA doesn’t want to be on the hook for substantiating a claim you don’t realize. That story goes much deeper, but the fact is there are tons of published research that confirms the benefits of Bone Broth protein and there’s no disputing that.

5. Bone Broth is a Dietary Supplement:

It’s important to remember that Bone Broth Protein is a supplement, not a replacement for a balanced diet. It is a brilliantly lean form of protein, amino acids and nutrients, but is not meant to replace your regular food intake. It’s meant to add the extra kick to realize one or all the benefits you’re seeking to improve your overall health.

6. The Time to Supplement:

Bone Broth is suitable to start supplementing at any age. For younger people, it’s very important they learn to get the proper nutrition from their diet. However, once you hit your mid-to-late 20’s and early 30’s it becomes more difficult especially as your body starts to wear down. There is no better time to supplement than now. In terms of when to supplement during the day, we are a big supporter of getting it in your system early in the day to help control your appetite and around workouts to aid in recovery and joint health.

7. Be Careful What You Hear:

One of my first introductions to Bone Broth Protein was reading an article that said Kobe Bryant attributed the healing of his ruptured Achilles tendon to supplementing Bone Broth. Yes, there are studies that support joint and ligament health, however Kobe Bryant is a world-class athlete with the best trainers and physicians in the world. It’s important to make sure you exercise and take care of your health properly and don’t look at Bone Broth as an end-all-be-all solution to a physical ailment or health/wellness goal.

As always, if you have any questions about Bone Broth Protein please do not hesitate to contact us!

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