What are Bone Broth Protein Benefits?


According to Global Market Insights the Bone Broth Protein market is projected to hit over USD$2.8 billion worldwide by the year 2024. As consumers become more aware of the positive impact it has on metabolism, lean muscle and bone strength, joint support, skin rejuvenation and enhanced immunity that number will continue to drive upwards. Overall, the global Bone Broth market will continue to expand as individuals seek to find nutrient rich, all-natural remedies vs. medicines. To this point, we’ve taken you on a journey through our Ultimate Guide to Bone Broth Protein discussing what it is, but we all understand the benefits of supplementing is the number one driver as to why you’ll decide to purchase. Without further ado, here are the benefits to using Bone Broth Protein as a dietary supplement –

1. Gut Health

There is published research available on the internet that highlights the beneficial properties of Bone Broth on the gut. Bone Broth is easily digested and soothing to your entire digestive system – this is THE NUMBER ONE most important thing to consider as you seek to improve your health and wellness. The health of your gut influences your physical performance, overall immunity and cognitive function. You’re probably thinking… no way! It’s true and it’s driven by the fact that a healthy gut allows for the optimal processing of valuable nutrients that influence muscle growth and recovery, your ability to fight infection and fatigue and mental acuity. Everything starts with gut health and Bone Broth is your support partner to build a healthier digestive system.

2. Joint Support

Zammex Nutrition has a great selection of Collagen products – but did you know Bone Broth is a great source of Collagen? As you age, as you continue to endure workout after workout your body will break down. Your natural Collagen production decreases and your joints, bones, ligaments become vulnerable to some serious wear and tear. Fear not – there is plenty of research that shows Bone Broth has restorative qualities to your bones and joints, which will keep them healthy, young and strong so you can continue to grind in the gym.

3. Maintain Healthy Skin

While we’re discussing Collagen, we can also highlight the fact it does wonders for skin elasticity and other compounds within the skin. This will undoubtedly help you maintain your skin’s youthful tone, texture and appearance. It is also quite rich in hyaluronic acid which is in just about every cosmetic brands’ new product line because it alleviates dry skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.


4. Build Lean Body Mass

We hate to use the phrase “lose weight”. Losing weight is more than just supplementing Bone Broth Protein – it’s also diet and exercise. However, Bone Broth can support you diet and exercise. It’s very high in protein which will help build lean body mass which in turn will increase your metabolic rate (more calories burned). It’ll help keep you satiated as it’s high in protein and good for your digestive track so you’ll be less inclined to eat more – that helps with dieting!

5. Reduces Inflammation

While this point is quite like the joint support it’s important to note that glycine and glutamine in bone broth have anti-inflammatory effects. As you work out, you break your body down and create inflammation. Glycine and glutamine are there to help reduce that inflammation and help you recover.

6. Promotes Sleep and Relaxation

Bone Broth also impacts your quality of sleep and relaxation. As we discussed it is full of minerals and nutrients – Magnesium is one of those minerals – in fact it’s known as the relaxation mineral and is required in over 300 enzymatic processes in your body. Furthermore, Glycine (back again) improves sleep quality, efficacy, latency, and reduces daytime sleepiness and fatigue in people who struggle with insomnia.

As you can see Bone Broth Protein is a powerful ally in your journey to improve your overall health and wellness. Zammex Nutrition believes in producing products that have a holistic impact on you and Bone Broth is one of those products! If you have any questions about the benefits of Bone Broth Protein and you, please don’t hesitate.

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