What are Bone Broth Protein Side Effects?

As we stated in our Ultimate Guide to Collagen (Chen to link that) Zammex Nutrition is built on the principle of Health Made Simple. Because of that we would never create a product that may have adverse side effects on our customers. However, it is vitally important that every person who chooses to take our products understands there may be side effects that aren’t anticipated. Like Collagen, Bone Broth Protein is very easy on the body and has virtually no side effects. There have been very few reported cases of people having issues when consuming Bone Broth as a dietary supplement. However, just to be sure we want to make people aware that you should know yourself and the supplement before consuming -

1. Hypersensitivity Reactions

There’s always a chance that you may have a hypersensitivity reaction as an abnormal response of the immune system against certain foods, drugs and supplements. Our Bone Broth Protein is as pure as it gets – just look at the nutritional label. It’s other products you need to be concerned about that have other additives that are totally unnecessary. Bone Broth is derived from animals and if you have dietary restrictions when it comes to bovine or chicken – please consult your physician.

2. Temporary Stomach Discomfort/Digestive

In our Collagen Ultimate Guide we warned people, even though it’s never happened, that if they have stomach discomfort, they should discontinue usage immediately. Ironically, Bone Broth helps sooth your stomach if it’s in discomfort. With that said, if you’re excessively gassy or have abdominal pain please discontinue usage.

3. Lead Toxicity

We need to address the media out there that claims Bone Broth may be high in lead concentration. It is a fact that lead is stored in bones and is part of the mineral profile of Bone Broth. However, you can still find concentrations in some tap water across the country.higher With that said, if you’re pregnant or nursing it’s something you want to discuss with your physician regardless. This negative media is a lot of whistle blowing!

Bone Broth supplementation is generally safe. However, every person is different. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Knowledge is the most important tool prior to supplementation and we’re happy to help!

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