What Are Collagen Supplement Benefits?

The Collagen Dietary Supplement global market is projected to reach over USD$6 billion by 2025 according to Grand View Research. This number is driven by the healthcare sector with cosmetics having the largest impact on the total sales as of 2017. However, the overall health benefits of collagen as a consumable dietary supplement is the main factor for growth over the next decade. The growing popularity is a direct result of increased consumer knowledge of the clinically proven health benefits of supplementing Collagen. Let’s break it down quite simply what those benefits are –


1. Promotes Healthy Joints & Ligaments

Outside of the cosmetic application of Collagen, one of the oldest tested benefits of supplementing is the impact it joints and ligaments. Studies go back to 1990 that cite collagen as reducing inflammation for arthritis patients. Modern day studies show overall preservation and restoration of connective tissue in the body. As you age, this is something that absolutely cannot be taken for granted especially if you’re an active person.

2. Reduces Visual Signs of Aging

The most well-known application of supplementing Collagen is the impact it has on your skin, hair and nails. There are a significant amount of studies that clinically show Collagen supplements to have reduced skin dryness, wrinkles and even cellulite. It even showed improved skin firmness in a period of 12 short weeks. On top of these positive benefits, it’s also shown to improve brittle nails as well as hair growth and quality. As stated, this one of the most well-known benefits of Collagen and there are studies to back it up.

3. Improves Digestive Health

This is the one benefit of Collagen supplementation that I want to scream out from the roof tops. In general, we don’t understand the importance of gut health in relation to physical and weight loss goals. We understand gut health in general - probiotics is one of the biggest categories in the entire health and wellness sector. What we don’t understand is how a healthy gut reduces inflammation and helps muscle recovery and growth through the optimization of nutrient uptake. Knowing that – Collagen will help support the health of your gut, fortify your stomach lining and help neutralize acidity. This is vital to keep you out of the bathroom at inopportune times – but also help you reach your physical and weight goals.

4. Promotes Lean Body Mass

Naturally, the next call out is the fact collagen promotes lean body mass (muscle over fat). Collagen’s amino acid profile has been proven to help increase muscle mass and improve workouts. Naturally, when you build muscle mass you’re burning more calories in a given day and can ultimately lose weight. It doesn’t stop there – Collagen is one of the proteins that helps you stay satiated so you’re less hungry. It also may help boost your metabolism. Overall, you have a product that reduces inflammation (often a side-effect from rigorous working out), helps build lean muscle and reduce fat.


There are several other secondary benefits you may achieve from supplementing Collagen -
Ease Anxiety – Collagen contains the amino acid Glycine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This may help calm the brain and create balance.
Improve Sleep Quality – Glycine is at it again – and it’s proven to improve the quality of sleep!
Protects Cardiovascular Health – Proline, another amino acid, makes up about 15% of Collagen. Proline may help release fat buildup in your artery walls into the bloodstream. Proline may also help control blood pressure.

Overall, Collagen is proving to be a wonder supplement for men and women of all ages. You may supplement Collagen for one of the specific benefits above, but you certainly will welcome all of them as you age!

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