Not Just a Supplement for Women!


“I am a 37-year old male. I’m a husband, a father and lead an active lifestyle. My health is very important to me, but like many I’ve tried a billion different things to fully optimize my overall wellness. I’ve had reconstructive surgery on my left knee, both of my shoulders have had enough tendinitis to choke a pig and I have about a half dozen other little physical hurdles that make it hard for me to feel like I’m at my best. I like to stay in good shape, avoid the dad bod, build lean body mass, but also make sure I’m functioning at a high level. I haven’t tried a few dietary supplements, I’ve probably tried hundreds. Anything from whey protein to fish oil to even fat burners.

For a while, I was less concerned what was on the label and more concerned with what these random products could do for me. In hindsight, how stupid is that? Eventually, I started paying attention to what was in my dietary supplements and soon thereafter learned that about 80% of them have stuff in them I don’t want in my body.

It was around this time I stumbled upon Zammex Nutrition’s Multi-Collagen Protein. Never in a million years did I think Collagen Peptides was something I should supplement – I’m not a female! A respected colleague and certified nutritionist told me to give it a shot, so I embarrassingly got a jar thinking my wife would never let me hear the end of it. After all, collagen was something the women on her Bravo TV reality shows take or inject or whatever. I emptied my supplement cabinet, added my jar of Multi-Collagen, kept my fish oil and decided to add Zammex’s Turmeric Curcumin. I had three dietary supplements with a total of about 4 ingredients between all of them. That to me was INSANE!

Every day I started adding collagen to my morning meal – I could add it to my coffee, orange juice, overnight oats or stove top oats – whatever. To me, that was pretty cool – the stuff is versatile! Over the next few weeks I started to notice changes… I NEVER noticed changes with 90% of the supplements I tried. First, I noticed my body composition changed. I was building more lean muscle and losing fat. I found the efficacy to be the same, if not better, than whey protein.

Part of this development was I noticed I wasn’t hitting lunch starving – the collagen was helping my appetite by keeping me satiated. Secondly, my shoulders felt better. I didn’t get the burning in them after intense, high-rep strength changing. There were a bunch of other little things I noticed like my skin looking fresher (wasn’t a goal, but I’ll take it) and my gastrointestinal system, well…. it was less gaseous. Overall, I did start to feel much healthier and closer to optimizing the machine that is my body. Never would I have guessed Collagen would be a dietary supplement for me, but I’m sure happy I did because I feel better than I have in years.”

The above is a true story from one of our loyal customers. This is exactly what the founders of Zammex set out to do when they launched the brand. Health Made Simple. Only four ingredients in this guy’s cabinet, as pure as they come, and he is feeling holistic improvement to his health and wellness. It’s a great story not only because it’s one of our success stories, but because it shows Zammex is for anyone – it’s not just for women looking to improve their hair, skin and nails. If you’ve landed on this story you’ve probably Google’d “Benefits of Collagen” so you have an idea of the many health benefits.


The answer to the question – Who is the Zammex User – is much deeper than the person looking to lose weight, improve gut health, reduce inflammation and promote joint functionality, etc. Review our product pages or Lifestyle Blogs – the health & beauty benefits are well-documented and they encompass just about any demographic out there. Who is the Zammex User is a much deeper question and this is the answer –

1.) An individual seeking a pure, unadulterated dietary supplement that is sourced from the finest all-natural resources on the planet. Sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it, but it’s simple. Health Made Simple… Purity Realized. Our products are what you see and they are naturally sourced from the earth’s natural resources. Non-GMO, no artificial ingredients – just pure. The Zammex User is someone seeking a pure, clean dietary supplement.

2.) An individual seeking value in their dietary supplement purchase. Our products are not meant to serve the wealthy. They have the highest value in the category when it comes to cost per gram of the pure ingredient you are seeking. I suggest you start looking at some sports nutrition and health products labels. Identify the key ingredient you are looking to supplement, find the ACTUAL amount in the product and see how much it cost per unit of measure. You may be disappointed. Not Zammex – go ahead and test us out!

3.) An individual who is focused on a holistic, comprehensive approach to their health and wellness journey. You can’t say I want to lose weight, but then overlook a million other details about what it takes to lose weight. Your body is a complex system and everything has to be on point across the board to achieve your goals. Gut health – do you know how important that is for weight loss and strength building? The Zammex customer above alluded to improved gut health and he probably didn’t understand how that is impacting nutrient uptake and in turn helping build muscle! Cognitive function – do you know how stressful it can be to diet and rigorously train? You need to keep your mind right so you can stay the course on your journey. We could go on forever, but the point is clear – your body is a complex network of systems working in synergy – our products support the entire system.

Now that the Zammex User is a bit clearer – is that you? Are you looking at the big picture to achieve your individual health and fitness goals? If yes, Zammex is the right partner for you on your journey to optimize your overall wellness.

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