Zammex Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides Clinical Research

As a consumer, when you purchase a dietary supplement, you purchase it to achieve the benefit intended for your overall health and wellness. It’s quite simple isn’t it – you either see the result or you don’t – there shouldn’t be a gray area. What we don’t understand is there really is! Zammex Nutrition is built on Purity Realized. We as a company know our products are 100% pure, derived from all-natural resources and of the highest quality in the category, but aside from us just saying that – how can we prove it?

Zammex Nutrition set out to establish our Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides as an industry leader not just in purity, but efficacy. We want our product to be known as the best. More importantly, we want to SHOW consumers it is the best when it comes to optimally utilizing it in your body and achieving the intended result. In a partnership with Pakdaman Consulting, Dr. Michael Pakdaman set out to perform extensive research on our collagen and the thousands of existing studies done on collagen. The results that we found were astounding. We believe now Zammex Nutrition can eliminate the gray area of product efficacy and show it to you in black and white!

Dr. Michael Pakdaman

Founder of Pakdaman Consulting

Here are the results from the clinical research

  • Low molecular weight substances, including collagen have improved absorption and bioavailability

What does it mean? About 95% of Zammex Nutrition Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides have a molecular weight below 3,000 Daltons (A fancy way of measuring small molecules). Competing products are only about 65% below 3,000 Da. Zammex Nutrition has increased intestinal absorption and bioavailabilty.

data graph collagen peptides

Bottom line: More collagen in your system, more collagen to deliver results – almost 30% more.

  • Water soluble formulations have improved absorption and bioavailability

What does it mean? There’s a correlation between water solubility and your ability to absorb a specific product in your system and therefore have it available for utilization.

  • Zammex Collagen has a lower molecular weight and superior water solubility compared with competitors, indicating superior intestinal absorption and bioavailability.

What does it mean? If you watched the video you can clearly see better solubility. If you looked at the chart you can clearly see lower molecular weight.

Bottom line: When you ingest one scoop of Zammex Nutrition’s Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides your body is utilizing almost every bit of the scoop vs. competitors. More collagen in your system means more collagen available to achieve the clinically proven results of supplementing.

If you’d like to read the full study please click here.

We mentioned above Zammex Nutrition was founded on the principle of Purity Realized. It was also built on the notion of Health Made Simple. We strive everyday to keep your health and wellness simple – no gray areas. Our clinical study shows very clearly – there is Zammex Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides and others. We stand by our product as one of the best in the market.