5 Ways To Stabilize Your Mood

5 Ways To Stabilize Your Mood

A big complaint we hear from many people is that they are constantly tired & moody. So what ways might you be able to fix this? FOOD! Glorious food! Let’s look at 5 ways food can help stabilize your mood!

1. Pair carbohydrates with protein and/or healthy fats. 

Having a well-balanced meal that contains protein and a small amount of healthy fats is a tremendous way to stabilize mood as it lessens the amount of insulin that needs to be released. Instead of just having an apple, enjoy an apple with some nuts or almond butter instead! 

2. Eat at regular intervals.

The best thing for mood stabilization is to enjoy 4-6 small nutrient-dense meals/snacks throughout the day. If you go hours without eating, your mood levels will inevitably dip and that vicious cycle of starving and overeating will begin all over again.

3. Add fibre to your meals. 

The more fibre a food has, the slower it’s going to break down in your body. Whole grains, complex carbohydrates, beans, and fruits and vegetables are all great sources of fibre! 

4. Eat breakfast.

Try waking up 20 minutes earlier and eat a wholesome breakfast like a bowl of oatmeal packed with a scoop of our hydrolyzed bone broth protein & collagen peptides and cinnamon/stevia!

5. Choose carbs wisely. 

Complex carbohydrates that contain fibre, vitamins, and minerals are better for you than the refined garbage. Some of the best options for weight loss and mood stabilization include: barley, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, acorn squash, black beans & oatmeal.

Insulin levels that dramatically fluctuate throughout the day are never good for our mood. This will not only impede your ability to concentrate, but make you “hangry” and impulsive when it comes to food. Remember, it is not always a “mind over matter” type of deal; if you’re constantly starving your body of nutrients and fuel, it has no choice but to get a little desperate and crave the processed junk. Work on stabilizing your sugar levels and you’ll notice a tremendous difference in your mood and likely your weight as well over time. 

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