How Mamagen is Supporting me Postpartum

How Mamagen is Supporting me Postpartum

Like most pregnant women I believed that I would be back to my normal self after delivering my first baby in no time. After all, I was active throughout my pregnancy and was in good physical shape before getting pregnant. And just like most women, I found out I was very, very wrong…

The challenges I faced postpartum were real and they came on very quickly. I was so immersed in making sure that my little one received everything he needed, I really wasn’t prepared for what I NEEDED. The hurdles came fast and furious – fatigue, aches/pains, crazy hair loss and, of course, my skin and stretch marks were the icing on the cake. I can say with confidence I’m not a person that is so consumed with imperfections, but when you’re dealing with mental and physical fatigue then get hit with all these appearance-related issues it can start to take a toll.

My postpartum hair loss was a breaking point for me. I legitimately thought I was going bald. My husband would jokingly comment on the “nest” of hair I would leave after showering. And while it was all loving I couldn’t help but think about it more than I probably should. This was around 3 months postpartum and it’s also around the same time I started playing with my diet, but also looking into supplements.

I had taken Zammex Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides before because I love that the products are all-natural, priced-well and deliver results. I revisited the Zammex site and saw Mamagen, which piqued my attention because it was specifically for moms who are throwing out an SOS! I liked the idea of shifting to a Multi Collagen for my aches and pains, but also to get some Marine Collagen, which is rich in amino acids that specifically help your skin. As for my hair, I saw the same Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides I used to take were incorporated in this formula. The added ingredients for my immune system (Vitamin C and Elderberry), energy levels (iron), Cardio health (DHA) and little man’s health (Folic Acid) were just added benefits to a good collagen formula.

I decided to give it a shot to see if it would help me with my current postpartum state. I received the product and decided to take half the serving in the morning and half at night for a steady flow in my system. After taking it for about two weeks things started to improve for me, which I was thrilled about. My postpartum hair loss was a FRACTION of what is was before taking Mamagen. Just as important I noticed improvements in my skin, nails, and aches/pains I was dealing with. I’m not saying Mamagen was the cure of it all, but I know this change in my diet and supplements helped improve how I feel. Looking back 4 months now, I think I was most appreciative for just overall feeling better. I felt more energy and my muscles recovered much quicker from walks or any physical activity.

Do not be confused – postpartum isn’t the couple weeks right after you have a baby. Postpartum is a several month journey that is fraught with challenges both physically and mentally. The key is finding the right mix of clean foods (you can have some not so clean foods too!) and supplements. Be patient with your body, it takes time to heal from such a rigorous event! The addition of Mamagen was one key component I believed help me navigate this journey. If you’re looking for some help – especially with that stubborn postpartum hair loss – I would definitely recommend the addition of Mamagen to your daily routine. Having my little man is the greatest gift in the world and worth every second of the aches, pains, hair loss and fatigue. Having support with a quality, all-natural product like Mamagen helps Mama and her body.

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