Using Zammex Nutrition Products to Enhance YOU

Using Zammex Nutrition Products to Enhance YOU

People always talk about diet when it comes to achieving physical goals. It’s true. Diet is the number one driver if you’re trying to lose weight, build strength, run farther or even focus clearer. No doubt diet is important, but proper exercise and dietary supplementation are also huge factors when it comes to achieving your goals.

We lead busy lives and while it’s cool to see people on Instagram meal-prepping and preparing food that delivers all your nutritional needs --- that simply isn’t reality ALL the time. We have work, family and nights of sleep that are, well, crappy.

Life isn’t linear and sometimes your diet can’t be also, which is why we’re talking about Zammex Nutrition’s products and their ability to enhance overall performance in order to help you reach your goals.

The keys to getting a good workout are all about feeling good – that means having energy, no aches and pains and no long-term muscle soreness from a previous workout. Therefore, Zammex Nutrition offers you various types of Collagen or Bone Broth Protein that are 100% pure, nothing artificial, naturally sourced.

The days of consuming Whey Protein are over – Whey is one-trick pony. When you consume one of Zammex’s products you not only get a pure source of protein for muscle building and recovery, you get an amino acid profile that helps support bones and joints, enhance hair, skin, and nails, supports your immune system and also helps optimize your digestive system. Whey doesn’t do that! In fact, whey can cause havoc in your digestive system (and negatively impact relationships with the excess flatulence – you don’t need that stress). The digestive support is so vital because not only does it make you feel better it helps you optimize nutrient uptake from regular food your consuming. All of this improves mood, boosts energy and enhances recovery so you can be at your best when you’re working out.

That’s the short sweet version to the benefits (we have much more detailed information about the benefits of our products on our blog), however there’s another key component here – When do I take the products? That answer isn’t exactly straightforward because it’s different for everyone. With that said, we can start by saying that because of the low-stress put on your digestive system these products can be consumed just about any time. It’s just a matter of finding what’s right for you to fully optimize your life. Let’s have a look at a few examples –

Subject A: Main goal is to lose weight.

Enjoys the other benefits of hair, skin and nails enhancement. Is on a regular workout schedule that isn’t too intense but is consistent.

- This subject would most likely take the product in the morning with coffee a good in advance to working out. It helps keep hunger in check throughout the morning, so the subject is eating less throughout the day. Also, will sometimes bake or cook with the products for afternoon/evening consumption for some extra protein to help recover from the morning workout.

Subject B: Interested in building physical performance.

Secondary goal of losing weight. Doesn’t care about the hair, skin and nails, but needs digestive support to help optimize nutrient uptake.

- This subject consumes two servings a day. Often putting Zammex products in breakfast somewhere – mixed in oatmeal, straight into coffee, or even straight with water. Subject typically works out in the afternoon and will mix some Bone Broth with a flavored amino/intra workout. This gets amino acids and proteins readily available for muscle recovery while breaking muscle down during strenuous exercise. Product is light enough that it’s not burped up or inhibiting workouts. Subject also realizes the benefits of joint support he’s receiving because of stress from workouts boosts energy and enhances recovery so you can be at your best when you’re working out.

Subject C: Healthy person that just wants to look good and feel good.

Would like to transform some “flab” into lean muscle but isn’t too overweight. Very cognizant of the effects aging has on skin, hair and nails and needs support.

- This subject loves smoothies! As part of their daily nutritional intake they are always making smoothies with healthy ingredients and Zammex products like Collagen or Bone Broth. Loves that the products are undetectable in the smoothie and can only taste the great fruits and veggies used in the smoothie. Focuses more on cardio at the gym with some strength training, but the supplementation helps transform body mass and supports joints and tendons.

As you can see there is an application for Zammex products for just about anyone especially when it comes to supporting physical activity. Let’s face it – we are all different, so we need to embark on the journey to find out what works best for YOU! For Zammex – the bottom line is we are always going to offer the highest quality products that have a holistic impact on our consumers. Overall, Zammex users feel better, look better and THAT is why we do what we do😊

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