What is MCT Oil and is it for me?

What is MCT Oil and is it for me?

You have probably read about the growing interest in coconut oil due to the many health benefits it offers. In those readings, let’s hope that you came across the fact that coconut oil contains Medium-Chain Triglycerides as one of components that makes it beneficial to your health. First, we’ll scare you based on your pre-conceived notions of consuming fats. Triglyceride is a fancy term for fat. For the purposes of this blog let’s focus on two different kinds – Medium-Chain and Long-Chain. MCTs are different than Long-Chain Triglycerides – if you want to get technical – a typical MCT contains fewer than 6 carbon atoms whereas an LCT has 13-21 carbons. The different structures result in some dramatic changes on how our bodies metabolize them as well as the benefits to our health. Most importantly, your muscles use them, and your body clears them more efficiently. With all that said, you don’t need to be concerned about consuming this fat – it helps you!

MCT Oil is often extracted from an oil – for example palm kernel oil, coconut oil etc. In the case of Zammex’ MCT Oil Powder – it is specially processed to achieve superior oxidative stability and low color and then are further refined to remove residual fatty acids, resulting in a product with essentially no odor or flavor. Through this unique processing our MCTs possess unique metabolic and functional properties that are far superior to its competitors.

All the above is important to understand before buying, however the health and wellness benefits this product offers you from supplementing is truly something else. Here’s the deal –

    • 1.) Instant Energy: MCTs have been labeled a “Super Fuel”. Since MCTs are much smaller than LCTs they go straight to your liver for processing from your gut and require no bile to break them down. Since MCTs enter your cells immediately without being broken down they are available for instant energy. They are especially useful for those on a ketogenic diet as they can be converted to ketones in your liver.
    • 2.)Promotes Weight Loss: Scientists have established that MCTs help support weight loss in many ways. A.) The increase the release of peptide YY and leptin – two hormones that promote the feeling of being full. If taken during the morning for breakfast, you won’t be as ravenous for lunch as you normally may be. B.) Here’s the best one – studies have shown that MCTs have been shown to reduce body weight and waist circumference. Less fatty tissue is something I’m not turning down! C.) As mentioned, your body processes MCTs differently, which may help you burn calories and since it’s an instant source of energy it may impact your body’s need to store fat. D.) Another thing we talk about on our blogs quite extensively is gut-health. MCT is another product that may improve gut health by promoting the growth of good bacteria and supporting the gut lining. Not only does this help with nutrient absorption it can also help you lose weight.
    • 3.) Burn Fat During Training: There are mixed studies on whether MCTs help enhance exercise by reducing lactic acid build up. However, there are some firmer studies that show that supplementing MCTs can help you burn fat during workouts vs. carbs.

MCT Oil Powder, when taken at the prescribed supplement level, has many benefits and very few risks. It’s something that can be easily added to coffee, smoothies, various foods/drinks and even water. If you are on a ketogenic diet MCTs are an absolute must, however even if you’re not there are tremendous benefits.


Zammex’ MCT Oil Powder is vegan friendly and naturally sourced. Our suggestion, like most of our supplements, is to take a holistic approach to your overall health and wellness. What are your goals and where do you need an extra boost from dietary supplementation? If you are someone looking for weight loss solutions that don’t involve the typical rocket fuel that jacks up your heart rate – MCT Oil Powder is great place to start!

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