Your green smoothie can’t handle this

Your green smoothie can’t handle this

A cup of kale – naturally. 

A scoop of collagen – definitely. 

A pour of unsweetened vanilla nut milk – delicious.

You’ve got this green smoothie thing down. Rest assured, your fit body thanks you every day for the boost in protein, vitamins B6, C, K, calcium, copper and more.

But if you want to elevate your energy and fat-burning mechanism in a whole new way, then you have to add MCTs to your lean, green machine. 

Fight fat with fat

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides—a type of fatty acid that acts differently than its long-chain counterpart, because its unique composition allows it to shoot straight to the liver. Here, it’s quickly metabolized and converted to instant energy, in the absence of sugar from carbs.

By contrast, most dietary fat, including prized omega 3 fatty acids, are comprised of long-chain triglycerides that undergo a longer metabolism process before being converted to fuel for your body.

And if you keep your sugar intake low (hence, the unsweetened nut milk), MCTs become your body’s preferred source of energy—meaning it keeps on burning through fat stores.  

Medium-chain fatty awesome

MCT supplements have millions of fans—largely men and women who reject processed, artificial foods for clean ingredients found in nature. It’s also a staple in keto kitchens, where fat is relied upon as the primary source of fuel.

Sure it’s an efficient fat-burner—but it has another health credential that makes MCTs hugely popular… it’s the sky-high energy, man!

Energy to help you blast through workouts, power through your busy schedule… and if you’re that person who counts on a strong cup of coffee in the morning to beat brain fog, then you’ll especially love the wide-awake perk of MCT awesomeness in your coffee, tea or green breakfast smoothie.

Plus, reputable studies show medium-chain fatty acids can help promote healthy aging, support the body’s response to inflammation, and help maintain already balanced cholesterol levels.


MCTs are found naturally in coconuts, butter and whole fat yogurt. But if you want to supercharge your smoothie without excess calories, add a scoop of Zammex MCT Oil Powder instead. 

MCTs are typically available in an oil form that many people describe as being hard to digest. And maybe you just don’t want to taste 1-2 tablespoons of oil (the usual serving size) in your smoothie.

Ours is specially blended into a fine powder to spare you the oily taste and texture. It’s made with high standards of quality and has a 100% money-back guarantee. Check it out here!

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