Zammex HydroPea: Not Your Ordinary Vegan Protein

Zammex Nutrition’s HydroPea is an innovative vegan protein that will change the way you feel about all plant-based protein products. Many vegan proteins on the market have a strange taste and almost all of them have a very grainy mouth feel. We’ve heard consumers say of other vegan proteins the taste is strong enough it can’t be masked in a smoothie with other fruits and vegetables. However, the number one complaint we hear from regular plant-based protein users is the texture and solubility. If you’ve been using vegan protein, but have not been satisfied with your brand look no further than Zammex Nutrition’s HydroPea.

HydroPea is HyperHydrolyzed™. What does this mean? Well, the process of hydrolysis is used for a lot of dietary supplement powders, particular proteins. Hydrolysis is simply breaking down (in this case protein molecules) as a result of reaction to water. If you’ve seen our clinical research on Collagen Peptides (also hyperhydrolyzed) you’re aware that our collagen is more soluble and bioavailable because it’s hyperhydrolyzed and the protein molecules are smaller than competitors. We’ve deployed the same technology with our pea protein, thus creating a more soluble, bioavailable product than competitors?

That’s great, but what does it mean?

Well, it means a lot of things. First, the smaller molecules make HydroPea extremely soluble in water, which means you can add our product into water and watch it totally disappear. Secondly, because the molecules are smaller and more soluble, they are also more bioavailable, which means the body is able to absorb them with more efficiency. Ultimately, this creates a cleaner product with less of a taste and absolutely NO grainy texture. Imagine putting your plant protein and water and not having that grainy mouth feel? That’s HydroPea!

Zammex Nutrition’s HydroPea is an innovative vegan protein derived from all-natural Canadian yellow-peas. It is a non-GMO, dairy and gluten-free product that offers a clean source of protein with superior bioavailability. The protein concentration and naturally-occurring BCAAs make HydroPea an excellent alternative to whey. Zammex is proud to have HydroPea as part of its product range, it is truly a unique vegan protein that our consumers love!

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